Everyone loves a cookie tin but why not create one yourself? CRAFTin isn’t just a tin of cookies, but a gift, an activity and a treat all in one!

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Kit and Boodle

Want a new food crush? Inspired by street food, Kit and Boodle brings you top notch flavours to upgrade your dishes! Our cheeky spice mixes turn you from a cooking rookie to a cultured chef within minutes, unleashing your gastronomical talents.

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Motif is a collective of artists, illustrators and mark-makers, passionate about fresh, creative design. Our limited edition tins are unique, shareable and collectible, with each housing 32g of premium vegan, sugar free peppermints.

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Silver Crane British

From the quintessential to the innovative, novelty to premium, here you’ll find our collection of stunning British themed tin boxes filled with a range of quality confectionery.

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100% Sugar-free and made with the highest quality plant-based ingredients, pebl mints provide a curiously strong and pleasantly minty experience thats guaranteed to instantly refresh. Our cute, collectible and very stylish pebl tins are 100% recyclable and unlike any other packaging substrate, our tins are designed for reuse, not disposal!

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